This is a good Ohio Players track to relax the head.
OK so I’m back in San Diego now. I guess I have enough air miles with Continental that they are upgrading me to first class every time I fly now it seems. At least one of the two flights it takes to fly from Liberia to San Diego. That or maybe they realize I’m responsible for a certain amount of tickets they sell, and they’re quietly saying thank you. Or I’m just lucky. Its Friday night and I’m chilling in my dad’s office, his room is classic. There is a photo of he and I when I was like 10 years old. We had just won some volleyball tournament and we’re both wearing the same tshirt and are drinking cans of Cherry Coke, seriously looking like an old school Cherry Coke ad. My dad has the biggest 80s mustache and haircut, its just great. I have the worst bowl cut you’ve seen in a long time. Ahhh… I’m finally getting to relax a bit. Everyone drives so fucking fast here, or maybe I just drive slow because I’m used to Costa Rica cruising to Avellanas instead of merging on 163 South. I’m staying at my parent’s house for a few days which is nice, they have a hot tub and cable. I’m keeping my Toyota Tundra here until I sell it, its pretty new. I was bummed to see that someone side swiped it while I’ve been in CR, thats lame. If it was me that did it I’d be OK with it, but it wasn’t. Oh well. I’m going surfing with Andy, Justin and Larry tomorrow morning before Andy’s wedding. I just went to the welcome dinner, saw people I hadn’t seen in years, that is always a trip. Since Discovery Kids has been on in my house for the last month straight, I’m going to go downstairs and zone out as I watch digital cable for a few hours. Thats about where we’re at with things.
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