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wow. big wow. Its been a while, huh? Its almost Christmas…. wow. For those of you that knew that I was really ill, I’m getting better. For those of you that didn’t know I was sick, well, it was about as bad as it gets. Some kind of jungle dengue bug, like malaria, with crazy sweats where I was literally freezing and sweating my ass off at the same time. I didn’t sleep more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time for two days straight, and I had the heater blowing (and I was in Costa Rica!). I guess I hadn’t gotten sick in a while so it was time, went to the doctor and got a bunch of tests and I’m not dying, at least not any faster than normal. Don’t worry, I didn’t get it in Tamarindo, I think its a past sickness from a surf expedition further south in Central America. I just want to surf, and all god wants to do is make me watch Family Guy and 5 seasons of the Shield…I wonder why….. hmmm. This trip to Costa Rica was great besides ending it like a POW in a random hotel room in San Jose. A lot of people ask me what its like to be the owner of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, and I never really knew what to say until I thought about it hard enough, and the answer is: its intense. I enjoy the job, but it can be very intense. There are a million different things going on, and I should stop kidding myself about it as WRSC is a full blown resort operation now. The fact that I manage it from California, Panama, Peru or wherever I end up is pretty amazing all things considered. The fact that people have such a great time goes to show that I have a really solid crew, and its great to get to hang with them. We had our Christmas part last Sunday night, right after the Chargers whipped on the Lions (a whole other topic that I’d love to elaborate on later). Flash and I were dancing around midnight, long after the party had ended. Matt cooked up some great BBQ and Maria was killing it with her salsa dancing the entire night. At 10pm my dancing was mediocre, by midnight I was Travolta. Have a keg party and thats what you get. My buddy Larry came with me to CR and I never knew Larry could dance like MC Hammer, which he did along with some hilarious break dancing moves including the worm. It was some funny shit, I laughed so much I lost my voice. Really, it was that funny. Of course Larry can dance, what was I thinking? I got a couple of surf days in which was nice. In Tamarindo it is sunny every day now that the rainy season has ended, and the wind is offshore often. I found myself sitting on the wicker sofa at the entrance to the surf shop, beer in hand, just chilling, just watching the cars and people go by and envisioning what its going to look like when I see high rises sprouting up behind Economy Renta Car. Tamarindo has changed a lot, its so much bigger now. They cleared the big lot next to the Coconut restaurant, all the way back to the high road up the hill. I was told that 3-4 10 story condo towers are being built behind a large commercial center… and this is directly across from the WRSC property. crazy. I’m baffled that I somehow ended up in the middle of it all, and after only seven years its like I’m one of the old folks in town. Tamarindo has just grown exponentially, bigger than anyone would have thought. Or maybe everyone knew and didn’t tell me. Either way, through all of the growing pains of town I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. New community groups are being formed as you read this blog, new blogs and websites are popping up with special interest groups promoting Tamarindo’s new police force or the Pro Mejores regulatory plan or the plans for the town’s water treatment plant. I’ve always thought that if you’re not part of the solution that you’re part of the problem, so I met with the Pro Mejores Executive Director and explained my interest in helping the town to solve it’s water management issues. I was surprised (in a good didn’t-really-think-it-could-happen-but-its-happening kind of way) that the mayor Jorge Chavarria, a guy I’ve met many years back in WRSC’s youth when he worked for the MINEA, was supporting the waste-disposal solution I proposed to the community after going to the Greenbuild Expo last month. Its like “wow, Tamarindo really does have a community hidden behind all of those trinket stores!” feeling. A great feeling. I see some very positive growth coming out of the chaotic growth that has happened up until now. Costa feels a million miles away though, now that I’m back in Ocean Beach San Diego. The surf is big but windy, choppy onshore crap, so I’m in my favorite coffee shop with my laptop and a coffee and a bowl of chicken soup listening to the Modest Mouse album The Moon & Antarctica. I SUGGEST THAT YOU BUY THIS ALBUM if you don’t own it. Yeah you can rip it from Kazaa or whatever, but you should buy it. It rocks and is worth the $13 on Itunes or whatever it costs. I actually own the physical cd, which is rare these days with everything being digital downloads. Man was it nice to get back home. It seems like every time I’m on a trip I get back home and Otis has grown up even more, its just all happening so fast. He is killing me with his words, like literally I was talking to James on the phone yesterday and I was talking about something, can’t remember what anymore, being a clusterfuck, but instead I say clusterbeep as I’m the adult knowing my kid is listening to me on the phone, and sure enough he shouts out BEEP! as soon as I said it. It was like “whoa, that was a close one!”. He just amazes me, and he isn’t even 2 yet. And next month comes the next baby boy, and we go through all of this all over again. Holy crap, I’m not ready…. but I guess I wasn’t ready for Otis either, so I know it all works out and is great anyways. Otis runs around the house yelling “yaaaaa Chargers!”. its the best. I’m so stoked on my SD boys, finally pulling themselves together and showing up and playing some great football. 51-14 vs Detroit last Sunday, that was pretty impressive. I think SD has what it takes to beat the Patriots in Gilette Stadium for the AFC Championship, I really do. I’m hoping, PRAYING, that we get a chance to see them again. And what is Santa giving me as an early Christmas present on Christmas Eve? hopefully another Charger win. I’ll write more soon, sorry I was gone, I missed you too.

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