it just keeps raining

I guess it can’t be sunny every day. Not a big deal though, its quite nice to get a good rain. I’m living in my house in Avellanas again finally, after how many months of having baby Happy in the states? I’m stoked for rain because I have a well, and the end of the dry season last year meant hardly any water in my well. Now the well is full again, just like that. The news says that we’ve received the entire month of May’s expected rain in the last four days. I believe it. There is a very good side to rainy days, especially right now: great surf and no crowds. This storm has brought offshore wind constantly. Yesterday I surfed in front of WRSC a little bit after low tide, getting into some really good waves that would have otherwise been blown out had it not been for the weather. This morning I walked from my house to the beach in Avellanas and surfed the rivermouth, then walked down the beach and surfed Palo Seco and had some pretty good waves there too. I almost stepped in monkey crap in my yard, which funny as it sounds is a pretty normal hazard to watch out for when you live in Costa Rica. Whats worse is when the monkeys see you below them they try to pee on you, its totally true and can happen when you’re not expecting it. I walked to the market in Tamarindo the other day and was surprised to see a huge howler monkey in the tree on the main road. not sure why I should be surprised, we used to have them around all the time. Maybe now that its low season again they’re coming out more. A great side to low season (as it has suddenly become low season) is the lack of crowds in the water, so if you want to get away and get some great waves without tons of people like back at your home break, check out WRSC. We will treat you right. Tonight is going to be a big party here at WRSC, we’re raising money for Luis Castro’s knee operation. You wouldn’t know it from watching him surf but the kid has a bad knee that isn’t getting any better. The surgery is $3500 here in CR, we’ve already received donations from multiple people including a few very generous past guests. If you are interested just give us a call, Marcela is handling all of it. Its pretty awesome to see some of the locals in town pitch in, like Marco Pacheco donating a surfboard to be raffled off towards the cause. If you’re in town and reading this, cruise by as we’re having live music with two bands from 6-10, should be fun. If you’re in San Diego, or soCal for that matter, and you want a surfboard, I’m selling quite a few. I will be putting photos and prices on my blog later today or tomorrow morning, as soon as I get the pics from Holly. I guess its almost six so its time for sin panza- hasta la pasta

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