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laid out. getting old is a bitch

November 24th, 2007

I hurt my back on Wednesday, surfing the South Mission Jetty. The waves were really really good. I was stretching on the beach, I felt a little sore which was strange because I hadn’t surfed in three days. I paddled out and caught 4-5 waves. Each time I felt a little off, until finally the last wave I was sure there was something no bueno with my back. As I got to the beach my back literally gave out and I limped like the sad old man that I’ve become back to my truck, where it then took me 15 minutes to take my wetsuit off. That must have looked really funny if you were watching. It is now Saturday and I’m still laid out. I guess I had built up some stress in my back as I’ve been working hard, and mainly on my laptop lately. I guess one forgets how much one spends on the computer. Thats why I want to stop using a computer and just use a phone. We’ll see if it works. Anyways, my family is still in Colorado, where Otis experienced his first snow. He loves it, and he definitely thinks that it is cold. They’re supposed to get back to San Diego in a few days, we have to wait and see how Holly’s dad is doing. I’ve been chilling with my parents and my uncle Cory, catching up on many episodes of Family Guy with my parents ‘ cable on-demand. Happy Turkey Day.

  1. Dan Moretti says:

    “Hey Joe what are doing with that baby in your hand” :) …..back problem were’re gettin old… do stretches before you go in….it helps….How’s the Zephyr survey comin??… I may come down soon I want some real waves…
    Take Care… Dan M