RevJoe hits town

Here I am, in Costa Rica not even 24 hours, and I’m marrying a couple on the beach in front of the surf camp. Its amazing that you can get ordained instantly online. Rose Ministries,, thank you. You can now call me RevJoe. OK, so let me tell you what it feels like when you return from being away from your large business for two months. It feels great. It feels overwhelming. It is a holy crap feeling that I can’t explain. For some reason, now that I’ve just had my second child I’m feeling it even more. I’m probably just freaking out, I’ll get over it. I flew down here on Saturday after spending the end of last week watching Clifford the Big Red Dog, Word World, and Dragon Tales with Otis. It got freezing on Thursday, tons of rain came down which turned into snow in hills of SD which doesn’t happen that often. I picked a freezing winter to spend this much time up there, so I was happy to fly to Costa Rica for a weather change. The crazy thing though is that its currently raining here in Tamarindo, something that NEVER happens. The weather down here is normally so predictable. Who knows why? maybe Al Gore does. Last night I had to explain to Tico Hendrix that he couldn’t sleep in his tent in front of room 1, that was actually kindof funny. That guy is a total nut. I’m pretty stoked as tomorrow morning I have four guys showing up to help me do a TON of gardening and landscaping on the property adjacent to the hotel. We are building a walkway to connect the public parking lot, Sand Bar, and gardens to the hotel and restaurant/bar. We’re sustainably building a massage rancho and a large yoga rancho, and planning some awesome spa services on-site for the VERY near future. I know I’ve talked about this forever, but now I mean it. Why now? I guess you have to really be interested in something to do it fully, and in the past I’ve been semi interested in yoga and relaxation services, but now all I can think about is having a dope massage in the WRSC jungle. Also, I surfed yesterday for the first time in a while since my back injury, so I could totally use a yoga class to help me to constantly stretch things out. It is so chill and relaxing back in that jungle, and we’ll have it open to the public in less than a week. I started a small nursery/garden there about three years, and now some of the plants have gotten huge, some of them are full blown trees. We started growing some vines at the bases of the large palm trees, and now they’ve grown 20 feet up! its awesome, soon it will all be cleaned up and open for surf camp guests. I’m still amazed when I go over there, that in the middle of the big, booming town of Tamarindo, there exists a jungle like the one we’ve grown there. I’m once again sitting on the couch of the SkyBox, so awsome. And James put my big screen in here so between that and the surf, I’m up here a ton. Oh, except to go downstairs to get a sin panza. Not enough to make me puke though, I promise. I hear Lyle playing some tunes downstairs, that guy rocks in a big way, I should cruise back down there and hang out (and get another sin panza). hasta-

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