state of chaos

The official baby update: no baby yet. Otis was late, Happy will be late too. Holly is always late so maybe its genetic. I guess I’m late too… It feels like everything I know is converging right in front of me. It didn’t help that my parents are cleaning out the attic at their house, and all of the things I never threw away as a kid ended up at my house this morning. I’m just glad its here so my parents can stop talking about how I need to take all of my shit out of their house. This probably happens with parents and children around the world, just another part of life. In one of the boxes was a pile of everything I’d ever stolen from Denny’s when I was back in high school, a menu, a napkin dispenser, salt and pepper, an orange juice carafe, a few coffee mugs, silverware, etc. I have been reunited with my old baseball and basketball card collection. I have no idea what to do with it. I started looking through the cards and realized how much time has actually passed by, I saw a few David Robinson rookie cards as well as the steroid dream team rookie cards Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Jose Conseco. Spending three hours this morning chilling with my friend and acupuncturist Victor, possibly the world’s most mellow individual, was calming. He even put a few needles in Holly to help with the pregnancy. I was kindof expecting Happy to be born by now, so I could spend some quality time with the new baby before heading back to the surf camp. I was shooting for being there this weekend for the contest and associated gatherings at the surf camp. WRSC sponsored the Tamarindo contest this year, now only if Carlos can win first place back-to-back… I’m sure its going to be a total blast, so I hope everyone has fun and drinks a few sin panzas for me. I’ll be back down there soon enough, but I won’t risk missing the birth of my son. God it sounds crazy to read that out loud. Otis keeps wanting to go to the pool at the gym, which is awesome as he is learning how to swim. I keep telling him he needs to get really good at swimming so he can go surfing with daddy this summer. Dad has been the super patient one, wanting for YEARS for Otis to hurry up and be born, and grow up enough, so I could drag him out on a surfboard. That time has almost arrived, and it is super exciting. Things are moving along quite well with the Zephyr Eco Project. I’ve written up an overview document that we’re printing up as soon as its cleaned up a bit, and the local papers have been really cool about covering articles and bringing more exposure to sustainable building in the community. Larry is finally moving to Tamarindo, this weekend hopefully if we can work it out… Larry and our good friend “Eduardo the Builder” will be opening up the ZEP headquarters office at the surf camp, to be officially open to the public by February 15th. Wow. It was an idea to open this office just about two years ago, and finally it is happening. Its so weird, to think enough about something (and probably talk so much about it that you make everyone around you sick to death of hearing about it) and for it to finally happen. I know the feeling, that is exactly what happened with the building of WRSC. I can’t even imagine what things are going to be like in the next couple of years. Hopefully I can be chilling with Otis and Happy surfing out in front of the camp asking that question over and over again for years to come. But for now it is definitely the calm before the storm. Sly and the Family Stone’s Underdog is playing in my headphones, which is nice. But then I’m staring at my computer’s desktop, which looks like this:
Unorganized, all-over-the-place, reminding me of all of the shit I’ve planned to do and that I have no idea what I’m doing at all, I’m just doing.
Check out how the Sand Bar has progressed:Building with earthbags has been a good experience. We are going to paint the bar similar to how I painted my house in Avellanas, a faded sand color that is achieved when you paint and highlight with a sponge. Its coming along pretty sweet. I wrote an article for David Mills of the Holwer which dropped yesterday or today, talking about the process of how to build with earthbags. If anyone would like to come by and learn about any of the sustainable building projects we are working on, please feel free. In the meantime I’m just going to sit here and wait for Happy to be born. Then all hell is going to break loose. The chaos of work or the chaos of two infant children. I’ve actually learned to phase out crying and screaming pretty well, but then I’ll find myself every once in a while tuning in to a conversation that I was having with someone, and not knowing at all what the hell the person is talking about. It can be a problem at dinner parties, let me tell you.

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