Volcano Brewing Company: opens tomorrow 11/11/11

Volcano Brewing Company, Tilaran, Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

Guess what? These last few months, where I haven’t been blogging and you’ve been wondering why I’ve slacking so much… well, I was actually really fucking busy. We all were. And we still are! Why? Because tomorrow, on 11/11/11, the folks at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp are proud to announce the grand opening of Volcano Brewing Company.

Witch's Rock Pale Ale - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Perched on a hill overlooking Lake Arenal, rimmed by multiple volcanos and lush green vegetation, Volcano Brewing Company is proud to be Costa Rica’s only microbrewery + brewpub. We will have a soft opening on 11/11/11 (just the bar), with the tavern opening mid-November. Besides brewing Witch’s Rock Pale Ale, Volcano Brewing has a microfarm with cows providing milk, cream, cheese and beef, chicken, pigs, tilapia, and 2 large gardens. Volcano Brewing will provide a farm-to-table dining experience within a rustic wooden tavern, overlooking Lake Arenal, Volcan Tenorio, and Volcan Miravalles.

Volcano Brewing Company - now open!

This new resort is located just outside of Tilaran, Guanacaste. Unlike going to the far side of Lake Arenal, it only takes about 2 hours 15 minutes to drive there from Tamarindo, and only about 1 hour 15 minutes from the Liberia Airport. It is a great destination if you’re looking to spend a few days in the mountains away from normal day-to-day life. There are tons of things to do such as hiking volcanos, swimming in waterfalls, visiting hot springs, kite surfing, skating and mountain biking to name a few. Volcano Brewing is a great place to go when the waves are flat or when you want a healthy change of pace (it happens!)

This project would not have happened if it wasn’t for the serious hard work and dedication of my right hand, Yana Farrally-Plourde.  Yana is an amazing designer and visionary himself, he and I can get into serious trouble when working on projects together! This is by far the biggest we have gone since launching Witch’s Rock Surf Camp 11 years ago. We had previously named this project “Zephyr Eco Project”, which was it’s working title for many years. But now that we have finished construction and are opening our doors, tomorrow, Friday November 11th, at 5:00PM, maybe I’ll see you at the new Volcano Brewing Company bar for a sunset pale ale.

Tons of photos, lots more blogs, plenty of information coming your way.  Pura vida and thank you to everyone at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp for helping to make this giant leap of opening a microbrewery and eco lodge.  we’ve only been talking about it for the last 6 years!

Website – www.volcanobrewingcompany.com
Restaurant/Hotel phone – (506) 2695-5050
International Reservations phone – 1-888-318-7873, (506) 2653-1262

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