holy shit that’s a surfboard

holy shit I made a surfboard!

I’m still kind of stunned that I actually just shaped this surfboard.  I mean….I know what a good surfboard looks like….  and I learned a few things here and there that definitely helped out….  but still I’m a little bit in shock.  No matter what I am definitely stoked.

Shaping is rad.  I get to lock myself in a room and I don’t hear any bullshit and I get to make surfboards and listen to Witch’s Rock Pirate Radio and just zone out.  I didn’t realize that being obsessive compulsive could actually help you with anything, but with shaping it definitely does.  I’m like Rainman sanding the left rail 10 times and then sanding the right rail 1o times, and so on, but instead of going to K-mart I’m going to the Fertama hardware store.

The “fabrica de surf” is in full effect.  There is still plenty to do.  I need to modify my planer, and I haven’t bought a surform yet.  I actually shaped the entire board with a block of wood and sandpaper, totally old school.  It was cool but I don’t need to do it again.  We started setting up the glassing room and we also started making some fins, which is really cool.  We’re having a lot of fun, but I’m ready for this swell to hit.  Supposedly its coming in right now but I can’t hear it….

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