Surfline hosts web cam for Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

If you haven’t yet checked it out, WRSC now has our web cam on  Check it out here:

There have been tons of things happening at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp over the last four months. As I reflect on it all, I realize why I’m exhausted. We went to 3 trade shows in 2 months (btw we just signed up to do the Surf Expo in Orlando this coming January), traveling to 3 corners of the US. We launched a new surf yacht tour with the Zori and we’re about to open the new surf shop. Both of these endeavors are new businesses within themselves, each on their own would be an overwhelming experience even if we weren’t trying to simultaneously run the surf camp. We opened new WRSC offices across the street from the camp. We hired a new CFO. We hired Yana, helping with new business development as I personally try to “back out” of my existing job and move back into a job that allows me to surf more, test new products, go to more places. I know it has only been a few months of heavy lifting, I’m just glad the low season has ended and now its time to just manage the camp. And at least now I realize why I’m not so good with email, blogs, returning phone calls or even showing up lately.

official construction plans (joking)
A new office with a big whiteboard on the wall = time to really plan shit out. Here we are with the new shop, figuring out where everything is going to go.

Witch's Rock Surf Shop construction
We are finishing up the light boxes, kindof hard to explain but you’ll see them when they’re done and they should look sick. Audio, electrical, internet and cable all ran above the caña brava ceiling we’re installing this week. Paint is done, the slat wall is about to go up.

Witch's Rock Surf Shop construction
The WRSC maintenance crew hammering up some caña brava outside of the new shop entrance.

Witch's Rock Surf Shop construction
Humbero Sanchez and his son Yeudi are my favorite wood workers here in Costa Rica. I’ve had them make tons of things over the years. They finished the front desk / counter and internet cafe desks, and currently they’re doing the finishing work for the shop from the tile to the ceiling (walls, light boxes, woodwork).

If you listen to Costa Rica’s RADIO DOS radio station (99.5), you’ll notice the groovy sounds of American 70s and 80s hits. Perfect for the older ex-pats and younger throwbacks as well. I went to Radio Dos’ headquarters in San Jose last week and signed a deal to deliver surf reports daily starting the end of this month. I’ve actually already started recording them and they are playing currently on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays. Last night I was driving and I heard it, and it made me laugh when I thought about how we started the surf camp with Holly doing laundry by hand in her bikini and me driving a boat to Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point (no GPS, no phone, while trying to remember where all of the rocks were so I wouldn’t hit them). All I wanted to do is surf, and thats all I still want to do.

WRSC found a large cut and sew factory here in Costa Rica. We are now local-sourcing all of our t-shirts and rashguards here in Costa Rica as opposed to shipping shirts from China or other countries. I am a firm believer of trying your best to find local products, services, and staff as much as possible. Not only does it cut down on one’s carbon footprint, but it also reinvests one’s money in the area. I’d rather be supporting Costa Rica and Costa Ricans instead of people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been.

San Jose, Costa Rica cut and sew factory

We’re screening a few hundred Witch’s Rock t-shirts for the new shop opening next week. Next will be women’s tanks and men’s / women’s rashguards. We’re currently developing a new surf shirt that is loose and dries quickly. I tested out one of the early samples and now my nipples feel like they’re peeling off, totally rashed out of control. Not quite as glamorous as it sounds, being the product tester will always come with issues like this until you get it perfect. At least we have the perfect place to get it right.

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  1. bonjoni says:

    WTG on everything Joe, but I'm especially touched by you sourcing your T-shirts in Costa Rica now. Love your vision.

  2. Tim says:


    The new shop and reception look fabulous!!!!! Look forward to seeing it in person….Tim Eiszner

  3. Willie says:

    awesome blog Joe-in Playa Grande for the week at so stoked! Come by the house anytime and we should go surf-GO CHARGERS!

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